Simply Barrylicious


Simply Barrylicious


Welcome to the here and now …

Barrys is the place to be for culinary delights. Not only meat, cheese and chocolate taste delicious here, but also Eiger Rock, Barrys Napf, Fondue Chinoise, wine and gin, for example. Come and check it out!

Eiger Rock

Feel like some delicious meat? This pounded dry-aged entrecôte of Swiss beef is served with 9 sauces and colourful salads.

Barrys Napf

No St. Bernard can get past this. And certainly not vegetarians. At our Mongolian BBQ buffet you can choose from 24 delicacies à discrétion.

Every Sunday evening is Napf Night (CHF 31 instead of CHF 42)!


It has to be hot! Enjoy it salty’n’sweet or as we say in german from cheesy-strong-tasting to creamy chocolate. For the classic à la Chinoise we serve our legendary 9 sauces and just as many colourful garnishes.


Ready for a special finish? Our wine cellar offers a tasting range from palatable to balanced to complex. And can also be taken home.

Big Bottle Tuesday

It has to be big! The friendship that unites wine lovers. We celebrate it every Tuesday with a huge magnum.

Barrys Gin

How much ginspiration would you like? Branded: (Di)still(d) water from the Eiger distillery is as deep as the valley of its origin.

Eiger Ice tea

Homemade and very drinkable: this iced tea is only available from us! Rosehip-based with fresh orange juice and mint. Everything is top secret about the recipe…

We’re here for you 364 days a week from 7 am to 11.30 pm and until 1 am on weekends. The threehundred and sixtyfifth day is the day which solely belongs to our employees.

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