Local stuff

We act sustainably

Local stuff

We act sustainably

Fairness first?

Absolutely! Our fine things come from here. We get our eggs from Haifmattenhof, the bread from the local baker Ringgenberg & Wüthrich. And dairy products come from Eigermilch.

Water for water

Why carry harrasses? We are a WfW Green member and don’t use branded water, but normal tap water and donate a fixed share of all water sales to the WfW project work.


Original Eigerness can be found on our breakfast buffet, at afternoon coffee and cake, in the offers in our guest programme and on the menu in our restaurants.

For those who want to know exactly: Eigerness is an association of partners from agriculture, tourism and commerce in Grindelwald. It promotes “Original Grindelwald” offers and products. The logo exclusively identifies offers and products that meet the “Original Grindelwald” criterion. In the shop “Eigerness Der Laden” in the EIGER+ Centre you will find a large selection of Eigerness products to take away.

Eggs from the Haifmattenhof

The family of our two staff members Martina and Tanja have 80 hens on their farm and we are happy to offer you their eggs every day at breakfast.

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