Barry’s weekly specials

Barry’s weekly specials

What day of the week is it today? Depending on the day, you can expect a different Barry’s weekly special…

  • Monday: Enjoy our delicious Monday roast and get the week off to a traditional start
  • Tuesday: It’s Big Bottle Tuesday! Discover our monster magnum offers and celebrate the pleasure of wine
  • Wednesday: We love toast – we hope you do too! Come by, share good conversation and make Wednesdays your new favorite day with the Barrys Toast at our Bar!
  • Thursday: every Thursday brings back memories: The Flying Turkey is back! Start your well-deserved weekend on Thursday with the crispy breaded turkey schnitzel sandwich!
  • Sunday: Sunday is Napf Night (Barrys Napf = mongolian barbecue) – at our crisp and colourful buffet you can feast on 24 delicacies à discrétion. Available daily. Sundays at the special price of CHF 31 instead of CHF 42!


We’re here for you 364 days a week from 7 am to 11.30 pm and until 1 am on weekends. The threehundred and sixtyfifth day is the day which solely belongs to our employees.

Restaurant on the 1st floor closed from 8. – 28.4.2024 – Lounge on the ground floor open throughout (groups on request possible).

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